Honey Mustard Roast Ham

So quite a while back i bought a massive piece of ham as it was half price, i cut it up and used 2 quarter pieces for ham stew (recipe to follow) and froze the other half. As it’s now coming to the end of term and the end of the uni year! I’m using up all my perishable food stuffs so decided to try my hand at roast ham! Had a quick look through google at Delia and Gorden Ramsey and got the basic idea…here’s what i did 🙂

  1. Remove the skin from your joint leaving a thin layer of fat then cross score the fat
  2.  Boil the ham joint to remove any salt and stop it drying out in the oven (don’t need to roast it for as long). Add 2 bay leaves and lots of pepper to the water, simmer for ~1.5 – 2 hours depending on the size of your joint
  3. Take out and rest (you can use the ham stock for future soups) while the oven pre-heats to ~200C
  4. For the glaze:
  • Add a generous amount of runny honey,
  • ~2tbs of demerera sugar
  • Tsp English mustard
  • Tbs of Whole grain mustard
  • Bring to heat and boil until thick enough to coat the back of a spoon

Now coat your ham in the yummy sticky glaze and roast for ~30mins topping up the glaze as it cooks. I find adding a bit of water to the baking tray (under the wire rack) stops the joint possibly drying out as the water evaporates instead of the moisture from the ham.

For the final 5 minuets, change to grill to crisp up the fat/glaze. And voila. I served it with a runny fried egg and vegetable (frozen as I’m using stuff up, but fresh would be much nicer!)




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