Borough Market & Juicing

Hello! I haven’t been blogging at all recently as I’ve been busy with exams. But now they’re over I can get back to posting my new recipes! Over Easter I got given a juicer so have been trying out different combinations to try and get more of a variety in my life, plus, they taste so good! All be it, trial and error does come in to play, but I’ve found if you add a banana or pineapple, you can get away with most things as they make everything taste so sweet.

 Last weekend was my birthday and my parents came down to stay, I took my mum to Borough Market in London and has the most amazing food. I love it there, there’s a bit of everything, sweet and savoury, which brings me back to juicing as I came across a stall that resembled the rainbow (if it was a fruity/vegetable liquid) with loads of different combo’s that I want to try!



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