Sunny weekend

This weekend we had a BBQ as the weather was so nice!. Whipped up some homemade beefburgers, a big salad, sausages, marinated chicken wings and chorizo burgers which went down a treat.



Dessert was toasted marshmallows and ‘smores’ — we sandwiched marshmallow and chocolate between two buiscuits and stuck them on the BBQ in tinfoil to melt = heaven.



The next morning, the sun was peering through the clouds and as I was still rather full from the evening before opted out of my usual porridge and went for a mix of cereals and fruit; two different types of cereal are always better than one right!? Anyway, I had wheetabix, branflakes, blueberries and strawberries 🙂


Lunch was a fully loaded salad of tinned salmon, lambs lettuce, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, pickled beetroot, strawberries and apple slices. Choice of dressing – fig balsamic vinegar from Borough Market (so good!) which is in a handy spray bottle





Baking wise – I tried a new recipe! —– CHICKPEA COOKIES! now I know you don’t normally associate chickpeas with cookies but they were scrumptious. (Will post the recipe separately).




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