The Little Market

image After dancing the night away at XOYO on Friday, we headed to Brick Lane for a late night bagel (open 24 hours!) – I went with salt beef and mustard which was A-mazing! Just what I needed after a sober ‘night on the town’. imageimage In the morning, my friends and I decided to look for a coffee shop to grab a coffee and cake as we were all fancying something sweet, however when we arrived it was closed! We decided to carry on walking and ended up coming across The Little Market, we got invited in with a free food and drinks voucher. There was so much choice, and a great variety of tasters! After chatting to a few of the men on the stalls we found out that all their produce was from Lidl! Now I LOVE Lidl, it’s such a great supermarket and their products are always great value for money and never disappoint. They know that if they don’t have good produce, no-one will buy it, so even their cheapest cheese is delicious. 20140607-164632-60392908.jpg20140607-164637-60397108.jpg 20140607-164631-60391523.jpg 20140607-164636-60396229.jpg 20140607-164632-60392231.jpg

Strawberry, Orange and Apple Juice

Strawberry, Orange and Apple Juice

image imageOnce the market was over, THE BEST THING HAPPENED – we were allowed to take any edible items home! It turned out they had been filming for a new Lidl advert, so on the way out we just has to sign to allow our faces to be shown on TV. It was such a lovely day out and meant dinner was sorted – Burrito and some pan fried chorizo and pepperoni from the stalls.


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