As you can tell from my site name, I’m a vet student who loves food! Now, students get a bad name for themselves cookery wise, and when money gets low, tins and freezer food is a life saver, it’s just knowing what to have in the cupboards and as ‘staples’, i mean you can’t go wrong with jacket, cheese and beans!

Growing up I’ve always shown an interest in food; my passion for baking came from spending summers with my nan and as my parents were always in work on my return from school, I started cooking for myself (and my brother) at a young age. I’ve gone from ‘cooking’ packet noodles to Beef Bourguignon, sweet and sour chicken and fish bakes. Over the years, I’ve collected a load of great recipes, all written down in different books and pieces of paper, and as I’m a bit of a neat freak organiser, I thought it would be a good idea to put them all in one place. Here! along with a lovely little picture to tantalise you’re taste buds (visually).

So feel free to flick through my collection, try them out for yourself and share them on! I’d love to hear feedback 🙂

Best start typing them all up!

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